New Services and Interfaces

Atlantic has recently added UltiPro, Kronos and greenhouse to a long list of interfaces that include iCIMSSuccessFactors and several payroll systems. New services include Social Media Screening, Social Security Validation, PSP and expanded international screening capabilities to be your complete and compliant provider.

Consumer Disclosure, Authorization and Summary of Rights Updated

As part of Atlantic’s continued commitment to remain current with the continuously-changing Federal, state and local consumer protection directives, Atlantic has just released updated Consumer Disclosure and Authorization Forms for both employee screening and residency screening. To request the new Consumer Disclosure and Authorization Forms, please email and specify if the release is for employment or residency.
Atlantic also has posted, and is pleased to provide The Summary of Your Rights under the FCRA, en Español, to share with your applicants. The new FCRA Summary of Right is located under the “Rights” tab on the left side of Atlantic’s home page.

For the Extension of Credit, Atlantic Expands its Experian’s Product Offerings to Now Offer Business Owner Credit Profiles.

To compliment a businesses’ credit report, Atlantic now offers a Business Owner Credit Profile Report. You can receive personal, permissible credit information on Owners, Partners and Guarantors that will help you reduce risk when extending credit. This new offering arms you with a powerful tool as your company continues to expand its small business customer base.

Atlantic is proud to offer this service to you.  Please reach out to us for more information.

Applicant Middle Names or Initials Now Required

In an ongoing effort to enhance accuracy and compliance, starting April 2016, Atlantic’s Gateway 2.0 system will require a middle name or initial to complete an order. If an applicant does not have a middle name, there will be a box that once selected, will override the requirement by validating there is no middle name.

As it has been publicly announced by the NAPBS that the Federal Trade Commission’s main focus for 2016 will be on matching criteria and ensuring accurate identifiers are used for applicant processing, this requirement is a crucial step to ensure accuracy. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Atlantic Offers Compliant Health Care Employee Screening

In addition to the full employment background screening services that have always been offered, Atlantic can now help keep your Health Care company in compliance with The US Department of Health & Human Services, Office of The Inspector General. If your company receives any Federal Health Care dollars, the OIG requires monthly & ongoing monitoring of all employees, through State and Federal exclusions and sanctions lists as well as State licensures. Atlantic can automate the entire process through its new F.A.C.I.S.(R) system. Please click on the blue Heath Care Compliance & Employee Screening tab located on the right side of Atlantic’s home page.

Interactive Livescan Fingerprint Calendar

Click on the magnifying glass on Atlantic’s home page to see the new Livescan Fingerprinting landing page. Applicants can book their own appointments and obtain pricing online. Atlantic customers can also book appointments, track current and past applicants, manage their profile and automate notifications.