Atlantic Integrates with 100 Applicant Tracking Systems

Through Atlantic’s powerful Gateway System, Atlantic’s software provider just reached a milestone by completing 100 integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  These integrations enable Atlantic to offer this convenient and streamlined process to employers and landlords that increase efficiencies and reduce errors.  From Oracle Taleo Enterprise, Data Facts and Peopletrail to icims, Hirelist and Applicant Pro, Atlantic offers 100 ATS interfaces.  Call today to see if we interface with your system.

No Cost Solutions for Incoming Employment Verification Requests

Atlantic is now a provider for Vault Verify and is able to offer a no cost solution to your incoming employment verification requests. Stop the interruption of incoming phone calls, reduce liability, offer employees the benefit of 24/7/365 employment verifications to speed up their credit applications with three different service options at no cost to you. No company is too small. Call us at 561-776-1804 for details.

Atlantic Offers Fleet (Driver) Monitoring

Atlantic can pull DMV reports every month or quarter (you set the frequency) and the cost is reduced (only $1.00 for Florida DMV records with no new activity after the initial run!) for every MVR that has not had any new activity, like moving violations or suspended license.  The report runs automatically and is very easy to manage and your initial database uploads from Excel so there is no data entry.  Not available in all states.

Atlantic Announces New Product Release

Expanding on Atlantic’s Quick App, electronic online application email invitation, Atlantic is excited to introduce its newest feature…Quick App Pro. Quick App Pro is an online application link accessible directly from your website. Through Quick App Pro, the applicant will electronically complete their application and e-sign all Federal and State disclosures and authorizations. You will receive a completion notification, review and decide when you would like to launch the order to Atlantic. The best news is that there is no additional cost for this service! Please call 561-776-1804 for more details.

Atlantic is Upgrading All Clients to its Gateway 2.0 System

Atlantic is upgrading all clients to its Gateway 2.0 system.  The last day to submit orders through Atlantic’s Gateway system will be 12/31/13.  After that date, the Gateway system will become “read only” to view previously ordered and completed reports.  You should have already received an email with all instructions and passwords.  Please call 561-776-1804 to schedule the upgrade which only takes about 10 minutes.  Thank you.

Atlantic Now Offers Livescan Fingerprinting Services

Atlantic now provides fully automated Livescan fingerprinting, either in our office on Tuesdays and Thursdays or we can come to you with Atlantic’s professional mobile Livescan service. Atlantic also provides “Clearinghouse” fingerprints with the required photograph. Please call or email us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Welcome to Atlantic’s New Website

You can now log directly into either Gateway system from the home page, find out what’s new with our home page posts, keep up with new services and even download Atlantic’s new smart phone app from the technology section. Feedback is welcome as you navigate our new site. Please join Atlantic’s new Linkedin and Facebook company pages too.  Welcome!

Atlantic Adds Quick App Service

Atlantic offers Quick App which can save you the time of data entry for applicants.  All you enter is the applicant’s email address into Atlantic’s system, choose the products and hit send and you are done.  The applicant receives the link and password to complete the authorizations, allowing the background check, fills in all personal data (fully secure) and acknowledges all EEOC and FCRA disclaimers.  You receive an email when the application has been completed and when the report is completed.

You can also launch Quick App from within your Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).  Contact us for details.

Atlantic Adds Hair and Alcohol Testing

Through Atlantic's relationship with its urine collection sites across the Unites States, you now can send applicants, random screenings, suspicion, and accident screenings for alcohol blood testing and hair specimen testing.

Contact us for details.