Concierge Service Livescans

For 1 to 4 people

While our minimum group size is 5 applicants for a mobile group Livescan service, we also offer a Concierge Service for 1 to 4 applicants for executives, celebrities, doctors, etc., and for others desiring to either maintain a high degree of privacy or who are unable to come to an office for Livescan service.

The Concierge Service is for organizations and individuals for whom the fee is not as important as the convenience and time of their executives or other individuals and for whom the need exists to have us come there. The fee is individually assessed based upon distance, time involved, and the number of applicants to be screened; where the extra amount charged compensates for the revenue lost for not meeting the minimum group size of 5.

To schedule an appointment or to inquire:

Please call our Group Mobile Technician at:  561-776-1804
E-mail our Technician at

If our technician is unable to immediately answer, please leave
a message or e-mail and it will be returned as soon as possible.

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