Press Release: Atlantic Partners with Jobvite!

As a partner with Jobvite, let Atlantic help you find what works best for you and your company.
Imagine an applicant tracking system that holds the ability to filter out less qualified applicants and increase efficiency with job-board posting and candidate matching. Jobvite offers your very own Career Page that is easy for candidates to find and apply, jumpstarting a positive applicant experience. With seamless integration to other HR systems, the recruiting platform can provide, on average, a 27% decrease in time-to-fill for open positions.
Combining Atlantic’s accurate and compliant reports with the powerful technology of Jobvite, your team can spend less time seeking and screening talent. With our integration, you’ll be able to concentrate more on engaging with just the right candidates for your company.

Now more than ever, streamlining your recruitment procedures can help your team hire the best talent. Let Atlantic and Jobvite’s integration assist your hiring processes. For more information, request a demo here, or call our office at 877-747-2104.