Press Release: Atlantic is a Registered iCIMS partner.

What this means is if you have iCIMS, or are looking for an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), and would like the background screening data to interface, Atlantic and iCIMS have the interface imbedded and ready to go. There is no additional cost or time involved for the interface! If you would like a system demo of iCIMS, please click here.

SAP SuccessFactors Adds Atlantic as a Screening Provider!

Our state of the art background screening technology integrates with SAP SuccessFactors and is available today! Our A.I. technology automatically adjusts to where your applicant lives to ensure the application, releases and results are always in compliance with all state, … Continue reading

Atlantic Personnel & Tenant Screening, Inc. is constantly staying up to date with technology including:

  1. Most services are instant; available securely 24/7/365 on Atlantic’s incredibly easy to use Gateway systems.
  2. Online ordering, tracking, report delivery, direct communication, letter generation (pre & post adverse action, denial, etc.) and many other amazing features. Please click below to view a demonstration.
  3.  Stay connected to Atlantic Personnel & Tenant Screening, Inc. through Facebook, LinkedIn,YouTube, and Twitter.
  4. We have a large number of interfaces to ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) including:
  5. We also have a large number of interfaces to PMS (Property Management Software) including:
  6. Customized billing that can bill separate locations, cost centers or business entities.  Paperless billing is also available
  7. Merchant services are available for online payments
  8. Atlantic offers Quick App that can save you the time of data entry for applicants.  All you enter is the applicant’s email address into Atlantic’s system, choose the products and hit send and you are done.  The applicant receives the link to complete the authorizations, allowing the background check, fills in all personal data (fully secure) and acknowledges all EEOC, FCRA and state of residence disclosures. Please click below to view a demonstration.
  9. Online chain of custody forms for drug screening, no carbons!